Tell A Story While On Your Journey

Don't just travel; travel fly!

Combine the art of words with the love for travel, and what do you get? The Fly Travel Line! Let no one tell you differently; taking trips is good for the soul. Racking up passport stamps is an ideal way to empower yourself and enrich your life. 

At The Fly Travel Line, we wholeheartedly hail vacations as our favorite form of self-care. Being statement makers, traveling through airport terminals, bus terminals, train stations, and sitting silently on the beach was not the answer. We put a personal spin on striking up conversations with strangers (or not) while remaining fashionably comfy. 

Our signature slogan shirts are sure to turn heads. So, why not accessorize your adventures with fashionable wit? The Fly Travel Line is the voice for your ventures. Tell your story as you make memories, or just make people smile on your journey. Ready, Set, Go--and live your BEST LIFE! Adventure awaits!  

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I love my t-shirt! I got so many compliments on my flight!



These t-shirts were perfect for our ROAD TRIP to see our Baltimore Ravens play in Buffalo! Thanks!

Shanelle and Stephanie

Shanelle and Stephanie

This was the perfect tee for me. I’m currently “Investing in my damn self!” What better way to do that than to TRAVEL!


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