• Traveling When There's a Language Barrier

    Traveling When There's a Language Barrier

      Hey Jetsetters!  In the day and age of Rosetta Stone and Google Translate, we can be very resourceful when it comes to language barriers.  But, the unknown is certainly a part of the thrilling experience on our trips. However, when it comes to the language in the destination country we don’t speak, we can start to feel insecure. We can partially rely on...
  • What Are Travel Bans and What Should I Know About It?

    What Are Travel Bans and What Should I Know About It?

    Hey Jetsetters, This information is subject to change so don’t use this as the gospel!  The travel ban is an order that authority’s issue to prohibit a person from entering or leaving a country. It can be based on the court or police order for the protection of someone's interests. It is usually associated with a criminal investigation, debt failure or child custody. Travel...
  • Best Places To Ski

    Best Places To Ski

      Hey Jetsetters!  Happy New Year's Eve!!! It's freezing outside here in Maryland. Lots of people are hitting the slopes!  I am not really big on skiing. I am a July baby. That means I LOVE to be in the heat. I don’t like being cold at all. However, I have ventured to Denver is the winter to visit the ice cabins. While I...
  • The Best Spa Locations

    The Best Spa Locations

    Hey Jetsetters! It's Christmas EVE! You deserve a little R&R.  One of my guiltiest pleasures in the whole entire world is the SPA!  Sometimes, all you need is to lie back and listen to the sounds of silence. Here are some heavenly places to do that.   Grand Resort Bad Ragaz   Although best known for outdoor activities, Switzerland can also boast of places...
  • Best Beaches In The World

    Best Beaches In The World

          Hey Jetsetters!  You don’t need me to tell you that there are so many brilliant beaches all over the world. Yet some of them stick out from the bunch with some exceptional features. Ora Beach, Indonesia Ora Beach in Indonesia is one of the wonders visitors can head to on the 37,000-mile of the shoreline. Nestled on the north coast of...
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