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I remember when travel was OH SO simple. Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate TSA protecting us and keeping us safe. But every now and again, I might get an agent who does the most or a batch of lazy agents who are not moving the crowd! 

If you’ve encountered that, this tee is definitely for you:


The Transportation Security Administration or TSA takes care of our safe travel. Since the 2001-attack, Americans’ travel habits had to change significantly.

  • What exactly do they do?
  • They inform travelers about policies and increase airport security. 

  • What is their aim?
  • Their aim is to reduce terrorist threats. They manage safety policies for all kinds of public transportation, pipelines, and highways. At the airports, ports and other transportation hubs, they screen baggage and travelers.

  • Who are behavior detection officers?
  • Behavior detection officers observe passengers’ behaviors and identify those who might be a threat to travelers and objects. Each traveler has to go through the security checkpoint. Imaging technology helps them do it more efficiently.

  • Can TSA help you outside the USA?
  • TSA is protecting you even when you fly abroad. They are working around the world to ensure safe flights into the USA.

  • How long does TSA protect you?
  • Security measures begin the moment you make a reservation and end when you leave the airport. TSA works side by side with intelligence and other important services. If necessary, they might include additional measures. So, from time to time the procedures at the airport change.

  • How many forbidden things does TSA find?
  • For example, the number of firearms in carry-on baggage can go up to 9 firearms a day. 

  • What does TSA check?
  • Important travel hubs are not the only parts of the system that they check. They also check roadways, railroad tracks, bridges, and tunnels. They help maritime security, too. 

    Because knowledge is power! 

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