How To Pack Light


Hey Jetsetters!

There are so many good reasons to pack light. However, this obvious thing becomes an insoluble problem in reality. 

Why should we pack light?

  • We don't have to pay extra baggage fees and airport cart fees.
  • We can unpack at the destination and pack again easily.
  • The above is especially important on multi-destination trips.
  • Your baggage is more easily manageable if you have to carry it with you. 

How can we resist the temptation of packing bulks?

  • Choose the smallest bag you think can do
  • As you will probably fill any bag up to the top, choose a smaller one. You will stop packing when you reach its limit.

  • Use a packing list
  • If you start just putting items into your bag, you will probably end up with a lot of unnecessary things. Before you start packing, take your time to make a detailed list of things you really need. You can add some less important items if there happens to be some space left in your bag.

  • Limit the number of shoes
  • Shoes are not easy to pack – they are space-consuming. They can also be rather heavy. Try to choose a pair or two that can match most of your clothes and are suitable for different weather and multiple activities.

  • Take small packages of toiletries
  • Instead of simply taking your favorite shampoo, deodorant and shower gel from the bathroom, purchase small travel packages. You can also fill smaller bottles with your favorite toilet liquids instead of taking the original ones.

  • While you are backpacking it around, make sure you are wearing this tee:





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