How To Travel With Lots Of Shoes?

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This post was a special request. We all have this problem of overpacking! Especially shoes! I envy the people who get this right. I had to do a little research to see how to do better. WHY? Because when you know better, YOU DO BETTER, right? LOL 

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Shoes are not always easy to pack. They are often heavy and space consuming. The advice to take multi-purpose shoes is easy to give. Yet in reality, it is so difficult to decide from the plentiful content of your shoe closet.

Still, some tips can help you pack all the shoes you want and minimize the space they take.

  • Pack your shoes separately
  • If you put your shoes separately in plastic bags, you will save some space in your bag. Of course, plastic bags will protect other items in the bag from dirt and smells.

  • Place small items inside your shoes
  • You can pack socks, toiletries and similar items inside the shoes. You will get some additional space in the bag. 

  • Put your shoes in the corners of the bag
  • We never fill the corners of the bags properly when we pack clothes. This is the bag space we can use for placing shoes. Once the clothes are packed, just shove the shoes wherever you find extra space. You will find a lot of it!

  • Place heavy shoes on the bottom

    If you have a roller suitcase, try to place as many of your heavy shoes near the wheels. Don’t forget to put the soles against the walls of the suitcase and get some additional space. 


  • Pack into the pockets

    You can easily place flip-flops and other light shoes inside the pockets of your bag after you have finished packing all other items.

    Hopefully these tips are helpful. Let me know if you plan on trying any of these tips OR, if you already do this! 

    Chat soon! 


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