Most Adventurous Places In The World


Hey Jetsetters! 

For some people, vacations are much more than visiting places or relaxation. Adventure-seeking people only choose the most thrilling locations in the world. Let's take a look at some of them.

I’m pretty adventurous but I’m not jumping any cliffs. Let’s make that Crystal Clear. Now when I partake in adventures, you can best believe I am rocking my Adventurous AF tee. Check it out here:

  • The highest cliff jump in the world
  • In Queenstown, New Zealand, you can jump from the highest cliff of the kind. Adrenalin and stunning views from the bird's perspective are what this adventure will give you. Quite a number of other travelers will help you conquer your anxiety if there is any.

  • Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa
  • Although surfing in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa can be as smooth as in a bathtub, sharks that frequent it can make it rather thrilling. Before you pick this destination for your next adventure trip, check carefully the safety tips.

  • Death Road, Bolivia
  • Travelers should listen to advice to get well informed before they set on the bike ride along Death Road in La Paz. It might seem terrifying. However, the road mostly goes downhill and you don’t have to be extremely fit. Yet you need superb brakes on your bike. 

  • Volcano Trekking, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia
  • Trekking the volcano isn’t usually a scary thing to do. However, things change if you decide to go trekking at night. Trekking Mount Iljen in the dark will give you the opportunity to come as close as possible to the volcano's crater and see the blue sulfur flames. This might not be the healthiest hike but walking up the slippery slope finally pays off. 

    After researching these, I may not be adventurous as I thought I was. LOL 

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