What You Need To Know About The Passport Process

Yooooooooooooooo Jetsetters! Y’all passport poppin’ or nah? 

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So yeah….when you decided to travel abroad, the first thing you need to get is a passport. This process can be long, so don't wait. You will either need your first one if you have never traveled out of the country or a renewed one if you have traveled a lot.

  • How do you get a passport?
  • First, you should find an office that submits passport applications. These facilities can be a post office, a local government office or a public library. Prior to that, you need to fill out a long list of documents.

  • Which documents do you need?

    This is a list of documents necessary for your first passport:


    • DS-11 form – completed
    • A birth certificate or any other document as a proof of US citizenship
    • Driver’s license or other documents as a proof of identification
    • A colored passport photo. You should strictly follow the passport photo requirements. 
    • Paid passport fees. You can find out the prices at this passport fee calculator.


  • How do you get your passport renewed?

    The passport renewal process is much easier. You can just send your documents in an email. These are the documents you need:


    • A passport-size photo.
    • A passport renewal fee. 
    • A marriage certificate, a divorce certificate or other proofs (if you have changed your name).


    Your old passport will be returned. In case you are not quite sure, you can stick a note to the passport that expresses your wish to get the passport back. 


    Alright then, if you don’t have a passport, start the process now! 






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